Wedding Photography in Sydney

      Wedding Photography in Sydney

      Are you looking for wedding photography in Sydney? 

      With so many things to think about throughout the wedding planning process such as venue, reception, guests, transport, food, decorating and music, it is a common issue for couples to forget about one of the most important things on the day – The wedding photographer.

      As the big day draws closer, they often find themselves thinking anyone could do this. After all, everyone has a camera and an Instagram account these days. How hard can it be to just push a button. Right?

      Well, unfortunately, no. This is never the case. Especially when it comes to capturing what many consider to be the most important day of their lives.

      There is a massive difference between being able to pick up a cheap Canon camera, or pulling out the iPhone versus capturing truly remarkably stunning, engaging images which make you pause and think shit what an awesome photo!

      Wedding Photography requires a diversity of skills. On the day of your wedding, I work in a down-to-earth manner which makes you, your partner and guests feel at ease in front of the camera.

      Being a professional wedding photographer in Sydney, I understand the pivotal role in working with couples to consistently capture stunning images throughout the day, each of which play an important part in documenting your wedding.

      As I only have a moment to grab your attention, please look through the below galleries.

      If you can picture your own wedding photographed in a similar way then please get in touch and we can chat further.

      // Chris

      Booking your wedding photography

      Once you have your wedding date, we can lock in your photography booking and either book a portrait shoot or catch up before your wedding for a beer/wine/coffee and run through the plan for your big day.

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